FIRST.- The agency MULTITURISOL S.L. with C.I.F. No. B-54.893.375 offers the property, in tourist lease, for its use only as a vacation home, the guest expressly accepts and declares to be in full agreement.

The guest acknowledges that the rented property is in good condition and complete with furniture, appliances, equipment, access doors, locks, fixed furniture, glass, and facilities of all kinds, and in the same condition and to the full satisfaction of the property there will be to return it at the end of this contract.

The guest undertakes not to exceed, at any time, the maximum occupancy advertised (including children over 2 years old), during the rental period, all of them must comply with the conditions and restrictions imposed under this contract.

In case of exceeding the number of people allowed, Multiturisol SL reserves the right to cancel the contract immediately or charge an additional amount.

The attached Spanish traveler's registration sheet must be completed by all the occupants of the property and submitted to the agency.

SECOND.- This rental contract will be valid from 4:00 p.m. from the arrival day and until 10.00 a.m. on the departure day with delivery and return of the keys on both dates.

THIRD.- To confirm the booking 50% needs to be paid, by bank transfer to the bank account: IBAN: ES73 0081 1575 9300 0136 3438, BIC: BSABESBB from Banco Sabadell, indicating the name of the rented villa and the dates of the reservation. The break deposit and the remaining 50% can be paid: in advance for contactless key collection, or at arrival in our office by credit card or cash.

CANCELLATION. In case the guest decides to cancel the reservation more than 60 days in advance of the arrival date to the property indicated above, he will be penalized with 50% of the agreed rental. This penalty will be 100% in case the cancellation occurs within 60 days immediately prior to the aforementioned arrival date.

FOURTH.- DEPOSIT. On arrival day, the guest provides a break deposit in the amount of 100.- €UROS x maximum occupancy number in the property, giving it both the purpose provided for in the aforementioned Law, as well as responding to all the obligations derived from this contract, as well as that of covering the possible excess occupancy of guests allowed in the property, and will be reimbursed to the tenant after deducting the responsibilities that may arise.

FIFTH.- On the departure date, the guest does not leave voluntarily the property, leaving it free, vacant and making available to the agency, he/she will be obliged to pay the latter the amount of ONE HUNDRED EUROS for each HOUR of delay (€ 100 / HOUR) when leaving the property, as a criminal clause freely agreed by the parties in accordance with article 1152 of the Civil Code. (except for another prior agreement with the agency)

The guest party must ensure that all garbage is taken, every day, to the local containers installed on public roads. If trash is left in the home, removal charges will be applied.

The kitchen must be clean, without food remains, and with clean utensils. The agency reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee of a minimum of € 200 if cleaning is required. This fee will be deducted from the previously agreed break deposit.

SIX.- The Agency MULTITURISOL S.L. undertakes to do everything possible to guarantee the operation of all the advertised services of the accommodation, such as Internet access, cable or satellite television, hot water, electrical appliances, etc. as appropriate, although it is not responsible for the non-functioning of such items, committing to do everything possible to correct any setback, as soon as possible.

The guest party acknowledges that the use of the services that the rented property may be equipped with, such as hot tubs, swimming pools, spas, fireplaces, terraces and the like can be potentially dangerous and involve potential risks if used incorrectly, especially by children, so the use of said facilities will always be at their own risk and responsibility.

The guest party will use the rented property only for residential purposes and in a careful manner to avoid any damage or loss to the property and to keep the property in good clean and hygienic conditions at all times.

The guest party accepts that the pool maintenance staff and the gardener can access the outdoor area of ​​the property, without prior notice and at less annoying hours, for the care and cleaning of the pool and gardening once or twice a week.

SEVENTH.- The guest exempts the owner and/or the Agency MULTITURISOL S.L. from all responsibility for damages caused to things or people and is responsible, both civilly and criminally, for the damages caused.

EIGHTH.- The Agency MULTITURISOL S.L. nor the property is liable for damages that may be caused to the guest by acts of God or force majeure, considering as such floods, water and gas leaks, short circuits, detachments of any element of the building, etc.

Neither does MULTITURISOL S.L. assume any kind of responsibility regarding the security of the property or for the damages that may be caused to the people or things existing in it, in case of fire, theft, damages, and accidents of all kinds.

NINTH.- OBLIGATIONS. The guest is obliged:

a) .- To keep the rented home and its annexes in perfect condition and with due care and to report any damage caused to the home by their fault or negligence.

b) .- Not to develop, neither in the rented house nor in the rest of the property, activities that harm it, or that may cause discomfort, annoyance or scandals to the neighborhood, being obliged to observe the uses of good neighborliness and local ordinances.

It is strictly forbidden to make parties or loud noises after 23:00

c) .- To make convenient and responsible use of the means made available to them (heating, air conditioning, etc.), as well as the appliances and furniture available in the house.

d) .- To allow access to the rented home to the agency of the same or to any other person who represents him to inspect the operation of any service or to verify compliance with contractual obligations.

e) .- To notify the agency, as soon as possible, in the event of an incident such as a breakdown, damage or accident that may occur in the property.

If the agency has the reasonable belief that there is imminent danger to any person or object within the property, it may access the property without prior notice.

f) .- To return at the end of this contract the rented property in a perfect state of order and conservation, as given by arrival.

g) .- To comply with the remaining obligations provided for in the tenant legislation and in the Civil Code.

h) .- If the guest party fails to comply with the conditions and obligations set forth in this contract, they must abandon the property, remove their belongings and return it to the agency, in good condition, without damage, or garbage in the house, garden or street.


The Agency MULTITURISOL S.L. undertakes to:

a) .- Deliver the property in perfect condition of use, habitability, cleanliness, and security, as well as leave the electrical network and water supply in good working order.

b) .- Repair, as soon as possible, any possible breakdown or malfunction of essential domestic equipment.

c) .- Ensure not to disturb the tranquility of the guest during the rental period of the rented property.

ELEVENTH.- In the case that the property is not available for use during the rental period due to reasons, events, or circumstances totally unrelated to the agency, it will apply due diligence and its efforts to provide alternative accommodation that equals or exceeds the property with respect to occupancy, location and value, that meets the reasonable satisfaction of the tenant.

If said alternative property could not be found and made available to the gue, the agency will immediately return all the payments made, the present contract being fully resolved from that moment with nothing more to be claimed between the parties.

TWELFTH.- The presence of pets must be agreed upon prior to the reservation of the rented property and expressly authorized by the agency, in which case an additional fee will be charged: SIX EUROS/NIGHT (6,- €/NIGHT) per animal.

Notwithstanding the rent agreed by the parties in the previous third Clause, the following extras and costs are also agreed upon:

1) .- Cots or high chairs: 4.-€/night/unit, (to be indicated in the reservation).

2) .- Additional person: 12.-€/night. (Includes extra bed and bed linen and towels) needs prior confirmation and written authorization by the agency.

3) Charge electric cars: 25.- € / night (to be indicated in the reservation)

THIRTEENTH.- The subletting of the property, whether total or partial, is strictly prohibited, as well as the transfer of part of the rented property or allow the user to other people who are not members of the family or guests of the tenant and who are not included in the Spanish-travelers registration form, submitted to Multiturisol SL. Failure to comply with this clause will be cause for termination of this contract immediately

FOURTEENTH.- TERMINATION.- If any condition of this is considered invalid, the rest of the contract will not be affected.

In case of not complying with the clauses of this contract, by either party, this contract will be terminated with full right, without the right to any compensation from both parties.

FIFTEENTH.- For any doubt or difference that may arise in the interpretation or fulfillment of this contract, the contracting parties expressly submit to the Courts of Denia and its superior hierarchical line, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them.

All expenses and costs arising from any contractual breach will be borne by the defaulting party, including the fees of the Lawyer and Attorney for the other party, even when their intervention is not mandatory.

And in proof of conformity, read and translated that it has been by the appearing parties, and found to be a faithful expression of their free will, they affirm and ratify the content, drawn up on 4 pages, by paying the 50% of the rental agreed.

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